NARASI chapter 1


   04 November 2014__ … Manokwari,Papua Barat

   PANDANGAN pertama itu tak seromantis yang di harapkan.
Terlalu singkat,gelap,dan canggung sehingga tidak meninggalkan kesan apa – apa sebelum masing-masing dari mereka sempat untuk berucap ” sampai bertemu lagi, ” satu sama lain.

Wayang Wayang distinguish Jogja With Solo

A form of shadow puppets are actually many, according gagrak respectively. But what often appears on television and books clearly gagrak Solo that seems to be a national puppet. On the other hand when we are looking for images of puppets in an Internet search engine that appears there are usually two kinds: gagrag Solo to Yogyakarta.     Where the hell is the difference? Actually, quite a lot of difference if considered in detail. But we can easily contrasted with some of the things that berifat global.Seperti the case in the first photo, puppet Sir Alex Bratasena collection of Medan. Bratasena left is the puppet style Jogja while the right is a Solo style. Indistinguishable right?

In posture, style Jogja more muscular while Solo was tall and slim. Shoulders and face more down jogja puppet. In addition we have a closer look to the face:

Muka Bima vs Solo

For puppet gagahan sort of Bima, Ghatotkacha, Duryudana, Jayadratha Gandamana or Suteja, where the face is colored black (as is possible given the colors prada / gemblengan), for gagrak solo (right) mustache in bludri (digurat) without colored, while the style Jogja ( left) mustache dyed red.

Beard puppet Soloan just at the bottom of the chin, while the style Jogja to the base of the ear.

We see another example:Kresna Jogja Solo Another example, puppet Karna, which is equally up and front shoulder higher. However, as in Krishna, head Karna Solo looked more balanced with the lower part of his body.

Karna Jogja vs Solo

For certain bokongan puppets, like Wayag King, Nakul, Sahadev at the back sembuliyankerisan, there is a string of heliotrope (circled) to puppet Solo. In Jogja unknown gagrag this ornament.

Anoman Jogja vs Solo

Puppet Anoman Jogja shoulder lower bottom so looked down, his eyes there were two. Gagrag Solo tread more upright and generally monocular.

kunti jogja vs solo 2

Other differences are evident in the puppet princess. Cloth puppet gagrag daughter Jogja dangle forward, while the puppet Solo fall backward.

For puppet Kunti him on is a whole different matter, but indeed puppet Women generally are srambahan or can be used to figure at will mastermind.

Well turns out many of Yogyakarta to Solo puppet characters that looks much different. Among them:

Gandamana solo vs Jogja

Gandamana Jogja Solo with different shape and posture. Gandamana Solo without Praba and posture of Ghatotkacha, while Gandamana Jogja wear Praba and postured almost as big as Bratasena.There are still many differences both globally and detail,


There are still many differences both globally and detail, for more details please visit the link below.








  March 9, 2016, most of the Pacific, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries in Southeast Asia and Australia will be able to witness a partial solar eclipse. The total solar eclipse is considered as one of the most impressive natural phenomena that occur on Earth. In the Eastern Pacific Ocean, a total solar eclipse will occur for more than 4 minutes. Meanwhile, yellow lines indicate areas with partial solar eclipse

Most of India and Nepal will experience a partial solar eclipse. Meanwhile, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea will be able to watch more than 50% a partial eclipse. Meanwhile, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand will see about 50% of the partial solar eclipse. While Australia, China, Japan and Alaska will get less than 50% partial eclipse 

  As at 9 March, there are several regions in Indonesia that would be crossed GMT.Estimated total solar eclipse will traverse 11 provinces in Indonesia. Namely Bengkulu, South Sumatra, Jambi, Bangka Belitung, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, West Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, and North Maluku.While big cities are expected to be crossed GMT, the MukoMuko, Palembang, Tanjung Pandan, Palangkaraya, Balikpapan, Palu, and Ternate.

  The total solar eclipse passing through Indonesia this time is said to be special.  What makes this time special eclipse?  Simply put, a solar eclipse occurs when the position of the moon is between the earth and the sun so close part or all of the sunlight. Because of its proximity to Earth, an average of 384 400 kilometers, the moon can block sunlight completely though much smaller than the sun, which has an average distance of 149.68 million kilometers from Earth.  Page timeanddate explained by the collapse of the shadow and the distance of the moon to the earth when these events occur, there are four types of solar eclipses can occur, namely total, partial, annular, and hybrid.Well, that will happen in some parts of Indonesia on March 9 is the next total solar eclipse (GMT), which is very rare. For Indonesia, GMT is the second since June 11, 1983 and according to the head of the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN) Thomas Jamaladin to, not expected to occur again in 2023.  According Premana W Premadi of Universe Awareness (UNAWE) Indonesia observatory, the day of the moon moves farther away from the earth. This condition makes the moment of a total solar eclipse is getting the day has also become scarce.  “Moon stir away from the earth, children, grandchildren who live next billion years will not be able to see a total solar eclipse,” said Premana as quoted by CNN.


                   The total solar eclipse will occur in 2016 and can be seen in several big cities in Indonesia.    

  The last time a total solar eclipse occurred in Indonesia was on October 24, 1995 or is already 20 years ago. Unfortunately at that time the only total solar eclipse crosses Sangihe Island in northern Sulawesi. Practically the total solar eclipse when it is very rarely known by the people of Indonesia. Moreover observed. In general, people are more familiar Indonesia a total solar eclipse June 11, 1983 as the last total solar eclipse in Indonesia.   After the total solar eclipse of October 24, 1995 there is no longer a total solar eclipse in Indonesia until March 9, 2016. In the 20 years of waiting is not felt in 2001 has changed the previous century, the 20th century between the years 1901 to 2000 into the 21st century between the years 2001 to 2100 , And not just the century, in 2001 the millennium was even has changed the previous millennium 2 between the years 1001-2000 into the 3rd millennium between the years 2001-3000.That means the total solar eclipse of March 9, 2016 will be the first total solar eclipse in Indonesia in the 21st century while at the millennium 3. While the total solar eclipse of October 24, 1995 being the last in Indonesia in the 20th century as well millennium 2. No time to witness the history of the solar eclipse total final in Indonesia in the past century and millennium? Do not worry because history will be re-recorded for the first total solar eclipse in Indonesia in the century and the millennium!

   Although the total eclipse track width is generally only a few hundred kilometers, but the length can reach tens of thousands of kilometers. Thus in general a total solar eclipse will cross many countries in the world. So the location to observe a total solar eclipse will open wide in many countries. And foreign tourists were free to choose which country you want to observe all they like.Yet another case with a total solar eclipse March 9, 2016 for Indonesia will be the only country with a land to be traversed. Yes, there is no land of another country to be traversed in addition to Indonesia. That way there are no other options to observe the total solar eclipse of March 9, 2016 from the mainland other than in Indonesia. Practically all foreign tourists will tumplek”or gatherin’ on huge mass in Indonesia.

    Unfortunately the totality duration of a total solar eclipse March 9, 2016 will not be that long. The duration of a total solar eclipse totality March 9, 2016 reached only 4 minutes 9 seconds at its epicenter in the Pacific Ocean. In Indonesia alone, the duration of totality will be shorter with variation inversely proportional to the distance from the center point of the eclipse. For example in Sumatra and Bangka Belitung between 1-2 minutes, Kalimantan and Sulawesi between 2-3 minutes, and Maluku reaches 3 minutes.However the duration of a total solar eclipse totality March 9, 2016 in Indonesia could still surpass the duration of the totality of the total solar eclipse that occurred last year and next year. That is the total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 in Europe with the totality duration of 2 minutes 47 seconds. And a total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 in the United States with the totality duration of 2 minutes 40 seconds.
  Coinciding with the National Holiday 

  Total solar eclipse March 9, 2016 will take place on Wednesday morning. Where the whole phase will take place between the hours of 06: 20-08: 25 pm. However do not be afraid of not being able to watch the solar eclipse later due to work, college or school. Because on March 9, 2016 will coincide with the national holiday Nyepi.National holidays indeed actually be arranged by the government particularly welcomed the phenomenon of a total solar eclipse March 9, 2016. This has been done to welcome the total solar eclipse of June 11, 1983. But on March 9, 2016 lucky holidays can be found without the bother “intervene” AD calendar ,  The difference on June 11, 1983 the Indonesian people celebrate the holiday by way of “Nyepi” because frightened by solar eclipses. While on March 9, 2016 the Indonesian people instead celebrate Nyepi Day as a holiday momentum while watching a solar eclipse. Of course if this is true, then the people of Indonesia have experienced encouraging progress. 

   And the last total solar eclipse of March 9, 2016 is the total solar eclipse of the best in Indonesia in the 21st century Actually, this is just our personal assessment after comparing the entire trajectory of the total solar eclipse in Indonesia between the years 2001-2100. From these data, it appears there is no total solar eclipse which has a coverage area that is larger than the total solar eclipse of March 9, 2016. In addition the total solar eclipse March 9, 2016 exclusively across mainland Indonesia. This is certainly the added value.While the duration of totality, a total solar eclipse March 9, 2016 is not the longest in Indonesia in this century. But the difference is not too far away. For example totality duration of a total solar eclipse March 9, 2016 at 3 minutes 19 seconds in North Maluku. While the longest duration of totality of this century, there is the total solar eclipse of May 22, 2096 at 4 minutes in East Kalimantan. While the runner-up position is a total solar eclipse of 20 April 2042 with a duration of totality reaches 3 minutes 29 seconds.